Micro Ring Weft Extensions

Using wefted hair this method is one of the most natural Machine weft is attached using Microlinks. Lays much flatter without the bulk of conrows. Needs to be tightened periodically, hair can be re-used. Aside from making hair longer,fuller or both a bad hair cut can be remedied instantly .Middle stage of growing out can be avioded .If you're always trying to get more fullness,washing every day to get volume -you can put an end to this and not have to continual styling stress your hair.Some believe hair extensions are high maintainence ,but in reality they can actually save a lot of people time otherwise spend styling .If extensions are installed incorrectly ,it could cause damage . If they aren't cared for ,or are left in too long extensions could cause damage .Be careful buying your own hair,cheaper hair can tangle with itself and your hair.


Hair Extensions and Wigs

Hair care has blossomed into a multibillion-dollar industry ,thanks in no small part to the widespread embrace recently of wigs and extensions as fashion accessories . Unfortunately,there is a tremendous range in the quality of what you're likely to encounter out there on the street ,with some women sporting seamless pieces you can't tell it's fake while others quite frankly look like they have a dead pet draped over their heads.The good news is that help has arrived .You cannot be a top hair stylist today without working with some type of wigs or hair extensions.....I have been blessed to work on some of the best in the fashion,Film and Music industries .

One thing i see all the time is everyday women trying to recreate looks I have done ,without great success. wearing wigs and extensions can be very embarrassing ,if the hair is not being worn correctly.On the other hand ,if you know how to apply your hair correctly ,you can make an amazing transformation.Most frequently asked about lace wigs ,including "How long will my wig last?""Will lace wigs damage my hairline ?"A bad wig day is improperly securing your wig.alt


Custom Lace Hair pieces and Wigs!

I just want to introduce my custom lace hairpieces and wigs "Tousled by Nicola" . In order to feel fabulous, your hair must be fabulous. For the past ten years I have enjoyed making women feel confident about themselves when facing challenging situations. Many of my clients suffer from alopecia, thinning hair, and permenent hair loss due to heredity conditions or cancer related problems. It has always been ultimate goal to enhance my clients self confidence when they are in my chair. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a change in hair style or dealing with one of life difficult changes, I make sure you leave my chair feeling better about your appearance . So , through supply and demand I've developed my own custom lace hairpieces and wigs  Tousled by Nicola. I've notice that certain types of textured hair calls for certain types of hairpieces . That is why all my hairpieces are customized and personalized .I sit down with all of my clients and develop a style and fit from cap size, density,texture and length.All of my hairpieces are then cut and styled.Each wig is made of 100% quality  human hair on fine quality special lace.Nicolalacewigs.com/Nicolaaugustinehair.com thank you for your continuing support.


Lace Front Wigs-Bad Or good option

altLace Front wigs can be confortable,affortable,gorgeous to behold, virtually maintenance-free practical,and just downright pleasant to own for us . But when you just paid little for them,what you didn't realize was how poor quality they were and could easily have been cheated without any recourse

There are many prices in between, different qualities of hair and different ways to do them ,which can increase or decrease the cost.The important point to the buyes is to make up their mind and understand a lace wig is not like a dress that will be out of fashion next season.Nicola lace wigs are not one style only .It can be style and cut in many different  ways.



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Top Hair and makeup looks of the night

Golden Globe beauty :Who had your favarite Hair and makeup look on the red carpet?  Hollywood waves and smoky  eyes were the name of the game at the Golden Globe Awards last night.Take a look at hair and makeup looks from the red carpe and decide which one win the prize for best hair of the night !alt

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